GCSE History: Britain 1906-1918

Interactive Lessons for GCSE History

1. Decision-Making Game
New Liberalism, New Britain!
2. Jigsaw-Table Exercises
Women in World War One
3. In-Depth Investigation
The Strange Death of Emily Davison


Interactive Games and Quizzes for GCSE History

1. "Splat" Quizzes
The Liberal Governments, 1906-1918
2. "Fling the Teacher" Quizzes
Liberal Social Reforms c.1906-1914
The Struggle for Womens' Suffrage before 1914
The Impact of WW1 on Britain
Depth Study Mega-Challenge


Worksheets / PowerPoint Presentations for GCSE History


a. Social Reform

1. The Liberal Social reforms: Causes A PowerPoint Presentation complete with tasks. A worksheet is available.
2. The Liberal Social Reforms - Course
3. Multiple Choice Quiz Worksheet
4. The Liberal Social reforms A PowerPoint Presentation

b. Political Reform

1. What were the arguments for and against female suffrage?
A  combination of general points and primary sources - excellent follow up activity to the interactive exercise above.
2. What were the essential differences between suffragettes and suffragists?
3. What methods were used in women's struggle for the vote?
Worksheet designed to be blown up onto A3.
4. Women and the Vote
A PowerPoint Presentation by Richard Fitzsimmons
5. Women and the Vote: Sourcework exercise
Complete with markscheme.

c. Impact of War

1. Women in World War One
2. The Defence of the Realm Act and its impact A PowerPoint Presentation
3. Did the War get women the vote?


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