The Ottoman Empire

Interactive exercises

1. Decision-Making Game
Virtual Field Trip: The Ottoman Empire
An epic adventure: Journey around every corner of the Empire trying to complete a mission set by Suleiman the Magnificent!
2. "Fling the Teacher" Quiz
The Foreign Policy of Suleiman the Magnificent
3. Interactive Worksheet
The Ottoman Military System

PowerPoint Presentations

1. Mehmed the Conqueror
2. Bayezid II
3. Selim 'The Grim'
4. Suleiman 'The Magnificent'


1. Introduction to the Empire
2. Topological Map
3. The Foreign Policy of Suleiman the Magnificent
4. The Foreign Policy of Suleiman the Magnificent
5. The Murder of Mustafa and the Succession Crisis
6. De Busbecq on the Ottoman Military System
7. The Ottoman structure of Government
8. The Ottoman social system
9. The Devshirme
10. The Ottoman Economy
11. Religion in the Ottoman Empire
12. The Internal Strengths of the Ottoman Empire
13. A Comparison of Ottoman and Western societies
14. Crossword: The Ottoman Empire in the 16th Century
15. Ottoman Empire: Key Word List


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