History Printables: Posters and Bookmarks

All of these freely downloadable printables can be used to make your classroom a visually stimulating environment.

As well as the 40+ posters including those on the right, you may also find the following resources useful for brightening up your classroom. I recommend that you print them off onto A3 and get them laminated!

ActiveHistory also provides hundreds of worksheets, online history simulations, and teacher support materials for the entire 11-18 age range. To subscribe, click here.

40+ History Posters: Click here for free downloads!

"History: The Story of Everything!"
An A3 poster showing the connection between History and a whole range of other classroom subjects.

Classroom Posters: 10 Celebrity History Graduates
Print these off onto A3, get them laminated and stuck up around the room, then point at them whenever any student asks "What can you do with a history degree?"

Classroom Posters: 15 Key History Questions
Was the Black Death a blessing in disguise? Was Victoria's Empire racist? - 15 key questions, with illustrations, to put up around the classroom.

Classroom Posters: 20 History Quotes
"Study History, Study History! In History lies all the secrets of statecraft!" - plus 19 more motivational quotes about the noble subject.

Classroom Posters: 27 Key Dates from the 20th Century in Pictures
From the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, through to Boris Yeltsin making a fool of himself after too much vodka: 27 posters highlighting key events caught on the camera in the 20th Century.

Classroom Display: 24 Key Terms for IB/A-Level History | Classroom Display: 40 Key Terms for KS3 History
I print these off onto A3, laminate them and then cut them up to display all around the classroom.

Classroom Display: 37 Topics studied in class
These posters (click on each for a larger version!) are designed to be printed, laminated and displayed outside your classroom so that passers-by can get a flavour of what's being studied in your history classroom. They can be changed at appropriate points and they are a great way of highlighting the great topics that your students get to study.

Student bookmark: Vocabulary for essay writing
Another great resource to print off, laminate, cut out and give to students to help develop their historical vocabulary:

Historically-themed bookmarks for rewards
Twenty historically-themed bookmarks which I give out as rewards for impressive work:

For more display ideas for the history classroom, check out these blogposts at Tarr's Toolbox!


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