Teacher Training Day
22nd March 2019

ActiveHistory provides vast amounts of worksheets, lesson plans, interactive simulations and self-marking quizzes for the history classroom. Whole-school, 24-hour access for students and teachers costs less than half a dozen textbooks!

1. What are the membership options?





1 year access

1 year access

Full access to hundreds of downloadable worksheets and teacher support materials.

Single-user access to online simulations and interactivities (no group access for classes).

Whole-school access to scores of online simulations and interactivities for all students and teachers, both at home and at school. Ideal for teachers planning to use the site as a whole-class resource.


Special 20% discounted rate for annual ActiveHistory training day (UK location, normal cost £200+).




(+20% VAT)

(+20% VAT)

($89 US/AUS/CAD)
(75 Euros inclusive of EU VAT)
($150 US/AUS/CAD)
(135 Euros inclusive of EU VAT)



*All prices shown exclusive of VAT at 20%, which can be fully reclaimed by LEA schools.

2. How can I pay?


1. Register by Payment Card / Paypal - choose your country
[provides immediate access*]

*Please note that paying in a discounted foreign rate will lead to the suspension of your account.


2. Request an invoice / Pay by direct bank transfer:
[applications processed within 7 days of receipt. Choose this option if you are unable to pay directly with a payment card]

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