The Catholic and Counter Reformations

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1. Introduction and Overview
2. The Papacy: Positive agents of reform?
3. The Council of Trent: (a) Background to the meetings
4. The Council of Trent: (b) The Decrees
5. The International Impact of the Counter-Reformation
6. Propaganda and Censorship in the Counter-Reformation

Interactive Exercises

1. Self-Marking Test
Council of Trent Crossword quiz
2. Jigsaw-Table Exercise
Assessment of the Council of Trent Categorise the various factors as appropriate and the computer will give you feedback.
3. Fling the Teacher Quiz
Fling the Teacher Quiz: The Counter-Reformation 75 possible questions to test your knowledge and understanding.

PowerPoint Presentations

1. The Borgia Popes Good for highlighting the negative qualities of the Papacy on the eve of the Reformation.
2. The Council of Trent. Should be used to accompany this worksheet.
3. The New Orders and the Jesuits. Should be used to accompany this worksheet.


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