Hitler's Foreign Policy, 1933-1939

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Hitler's Foreign Policy, 1933-1939

Cover Sheet

The other worksheets in this short unit can be collated together as a printable pack if desired. This cover sheet establishes the relevance of the topic.

Overview of Hitler's Foreign Policy

A map and a note-taking framework that should be used in conjunction with a short video clip.

How did Hitler overturn the Versailles Treaty?

Complete the "Original Terms of Versailles" column as a revision exercise. Then, return to this document at regular points throughout the topic to complete the "What Hitler did and when" column.

Remilitarisation and Rearmament

Before Hitler could think about reclaiming disputed territory (or invading neighbouring countries for their resources) he needed to re-arm Germany. How he was able to do this in defiance of the Treaty of Versailles and the combined opposition of his European neighbours (e.g. Britain, France, Italy and Russia) is our subject of focus. A sourcework question is also provided.

Sourcework Question - Cartoon analysis

"Study Sources A and B. How similar are the views of these two cartoonists about the international situation in 1936? Explain your answer using the sources and your knowledge".

Germany, Italy and the Spanish Civil War | Teacher Slideshow

A detailed workpack broken into three key sections, with structured questions and sourcework tasks:
What was the Spanish Civil War?
Why did Germany get involved in the Spanish Civil War?
What did Germany Contribute to the Spanish Civil War?

Uniting all Germans: Anschluss and the Sudetenland | Teacher Slideshow

Complete with structured questions and sourcework, students are guided through the main events through a decision-making exercise.

Invading Foreign Territory: Czechoslovakia and Poland | Teacher Slideshow

Students examine a series of sources and watch video clips to build up their knowledge.

Sourcework Starter Exercise: The Mystery of the Crying Woman

A great 10 minute exercise in which students analyse the meaning of a famous photograph and realise that propaganda is not just the preserve of dictatorships...

Cartoon Analysis: Hitler's Foreign Policy

Students consolidate their knowledge by analysing a series of political cartoons relating to the Manchurian and Abyssinian Crises.

The Nazi-Soviet Pact

Why did the communists and the Nazis become allies?

Decision-Making Simulation: Hitler's Foreign Policy

A major decision making game with three associated worksheets designed to get students thinking about Hitler's main policies and actions 1933-39.

Factual Test: Hitler's Foreign Policy

20 questions to test essential knowledge of the topic.

Examination Test - Model Answers

Sample answers to be shared with the students after they have attempted the following:
a. What was agreed at the Munich Conference of September 1938? [4]
b. Why was the Nazi Soviet Pact of August 1939 important? [6]
b. Why was remilitarisation of the Rhineland a risk for Hitler? [6]


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