IB Sourcework: Rights and Protest
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The following materials are designed to provide teachers and students with practice sourcework exercises for the "Rights and Protest" topic in the IB History examination.

Student-friendly Sourcework Rubric

This rubric provides a student-friendly mark scheme and tips for structuring each of the answers for the IB Sourcework Paper. For example:

[Sourcework Rubric]

Apartheid South Africa [click here for main resource page]

Why did the National Party with the 1948 election in South Africa?
[Sample Paper | Model Answers]

Was the Sharpeville Massacre an accident or a planned attack?
[Sample Paper | Model Answers]

Why was there so little effective resistance to the Sophiatown evictions?
[Sample Paper | Model Answers]

Did Mandela's decision to abandon nonviolence do more harm than good to the anti-apartheid resistance movement?
[Sample Paper | Model Answers]

Civil Rights Movement [click here for main resource page]

Evaluate the significance of the Montgomery Bus Boycott in advancing the cause of civil rights.
[Sample Paper | Model Answers]

How decisive was the role of Martin Luther King in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
[Sample Paper | Model Answers]

Analyse the reasons why the Civil Rights Act did not enjoy universal support.
[Sample Paper | Model Answers]

Evaluate the success of the Selma Campaign.
[Sample Paper | Model Answers]

Evaluate the role of women in the Civil Rights Movement.
[Sample Paper | Model Answers]




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