Feminism in the Americas since 1945

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The feminist movement aims to establish equality between the sexes. It tackles issues like women's suffrage, abortion rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, and sexual harassment.

First-wave feminism in the early 20th century focused on the political objective of gaining the vote. Second-wave feminism in the later 20th century focused on a much broader range of issues.

This ActiveHistory study unit is delivered through a series of self-contained multimedia lectures with accompanying tasks and discussion points, and prepares students to answer the following sorts of essay questions:


Multimedia Lecture [1]: Examine the reasons for the rise of feminist movements in the region post 1945


Multimedia Lecture [2]: Discuss the impact and significance of feminist movements in the Americas after 1945


Multimedia Lecture [3]: Examine the reasons why splits in the feminist movement began to appear in the 1970s


Multimedia Lecture [4]: Essay Plans for Paper 3 - Feminism in the Americas


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