The Cold War / Korean War
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The Cold War Gets Hot: The Korean War (1950-53)

1. The Korean War - Interactive Newsfeed Exercise [Interactive]
Students are presented with a series of "newsfeeds" about the Korean War, which they use to complete this worksheet, and then answer a series of questions.

2. The Korean War - Background and Significance
In this activity, students consider the early events in the war, assess why the Korean War is historically significant, and reflect on the arguments for and against the involvement of the US and the UN.

3. The Korean War - Escalation
After a successful invasion at Inchon led by MacArthur, should the USA settle with "Containment" of communism, or pursue "Rollback" of the communist threat? Students examine the sources and reach their judgements.

4. The Korean War - The Dismissal of MacArthur
"Rollback" leads to a danger that the war is likely to escalate into China and even the USSR. Is this a necessary or advisable course of action? Students decide whether Truman's decision to "back off" and dismiss the more belligerent MacArthur was a wise decision.

5. The Korean War: Consequences and Conclusion
Students round off their studies with a debate about the "Big Issues"

6. Korean War Fling the Teacher Quiz
75 possible questions: I like to get all the students playing it simultaneously, and award 25 points for the first person to finish, 24 for the next, and so on; over the course of a few weeks you can build up a "Fling the Teacher Leaderboard" if you play quizzes for different topics!

7. The Korean War: Interactive Cartoon analysis [Interactive]
Analyse a series of cartoons by hovering over details and answering exam-style questions. When you have finished, the computer will provide you with a printout comparing your answer to a model answer. A great way to revise and develop sourcework skills.

8. The Korean War: Collapsible Revision Notes [Interactive]
Interactive notes which can be collapsed or expanded to various levels of detail for revision purposes.

8. Model Essay: Analyse the causes and consequences of the Korean War (teacher password required).
A sample essay written by RJ Tarr of







The Following resources are miscellaneous resources which formed the old page...

The Cold War GCSE

Interactive exercises - GCSE History

1. Decision Making Game
Vietnam War Simulation
Develop your knowledge and understanding of this key topic with this interactive adventure  Interactive Game  
2. In-depth Investigation
The Cold War to 1949: Interactive Seminar
Go through the "slides" at your own pace. Complete with activities, links and questions.
3. Flash Interactive Exercise
Churchill's Cold War Speech: based at Interactive Whiteboard Resources
4. "Splat!" Games
Cuba and Vietnam
5. "Fling the Teacher" Quizzes
The Cold War - 180 Questions!
The Cold War and WW2 - 15 Questions
The Vietnam War - 15 Questions
6. "Hot Potatoes" Self-Marking Quizzes
Cold War Quiz
Ideological Differences between East and West
7. Manic Miner / Wordshoot / CannonBall Games
The Berlin Wall


IGCSE Korean War

Worksheets for GCSE History

1. Consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis 66kb
2. Cuban Missile Crisis Sourcework Exercise 181kb
3. Opposition to the Vietnam War - 1966 - Muhammad Ali 159kb
4. Opposition to the Vietnam War 1969 - Woodstock Festival 71kb
5. Opposition to the Vietnam War 1970 - Murder at Kent State 145kb


IGCSE Korean War

PowerPoint Presentations for GCSE History

1. The Causes of the Vietnam War   240kb


IGCSE - The Korean War

Audio-Visual resources for GCSE History


Contemporary Films
Protect and Survive [1971]
Threads [1984]
The Atomic Cafe [1982]
Public information films from the 1950's-1970's

2. Feature Films:
Dr. Strangelove
The Omega Man
Hamburger Hill
Thirteen Days
Apocalypse Now
Full Metal Jacket
3. Documentaries:

Cold War
1.Iron Curtain 
2. Reds
3. M.A.D.
4. Dirty Wars
5. Third World Wars
6. Final Countdown

Vietnam - the 10,000 Day War
1. Search and Destroy
2. The Turning Point
3. War to the Bitter End Vietnam War, The - The Early Years 1965-1968



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