The Suez Crisis, 1956

The Suez Crisis of 1956

Note: If time is particularly tight, or this topic only needs to be taught briefly, then I have also produced a standalone workpack on this topic, which comes complete with links to multimedia clips.

1. Background: The Palestinian Refugee Problem after 1948
As a recap on the events prior to 1956, students use their textbooks to learn more about Al-Nakba ("the catastrophe") for the Palestinians. There are teacher notes available for this activity.
2. The Suez Crisis: Roleplay Exercise
"In this exercise you will take on the role of a French / British / Israeli civil servant. Each of you will develop a particular area of expertise to share with the rest of the group. The group as a whole will have to decide on some key courses of action". There are teacher notes available for this activity. There is also a nice video clip on British Pathe.
3. The Suez Crisis: Tension Builds
Students consider the proposal to turn the Suez Canal into an international zone, and the infamous "Sevres Protocol". They will use two primary sources: Nasser's rejection of the Western plan and the Sevres Protocol. There are several YouTube videos that can be used:
[1 - Czech Arms Deal, USA Anger]
[2 - Aswan Dam funding cancelled by USA]
[3 - Nasser announces nationalisation of the Suez Canal]
4. The Suez Crisis: Tension Erupts
Students consider the causes, events and consequences of the Suez Crisis through a series of sources. There are teacher notes available for this activity and evidence slips for the main exercise, as well as YouTube Videos available:
[1 - Sevres recap / Israel invades]
[2 - Eden justifies the British invasion]
[3 - Eisenhower reacts to the British invasion]
[4 - Nasser Triumphs]
[5 - Eden Resigns]
5. The Suez Crisis: Historiography and Conclusions
Students consider an orthodox and revisionist interpretation of the Suez Crisis to consolidate their understanding of this topic and reach an independent judgement. There are teacher notes available for this activity.



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