The Middle East Conflict c.1914-47

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Introduction and Overview

1. Introduction to the Middle East Conflict
A class brainstorm about what students already know about the Arab-Israeli conflict is followed by a preliminary write-up. This worksheet could be followed by
(a) Going through this PowerPoint Presentation followed by this short video about 9/11.
(b) watching this YouTube Video for extra notes.
2. Timeline of the Arab-Israeli Conflict up to 1939
Using video, web and textbook sources, students start developing a timeline overview of the Middle East Conflict up to 1945.
This image could be used as a teaching aid to clarify the borders of the Palestinian Mandate. There is a completed teacher version available.

Timeline Challenge: The Arab-Israeli Conflict up to 1939 [interactive]
The teacher can ensure that students have covered the most important events in an appropriate amount of depth by playing this interactive, whole-class quiz using an interactive whiteboard. This should then be followed with a paper-based factual test.


What was the Impact of World War One upon the Middle East, 1914-39?

1. The period 1914-45 is part of the Higher Level study unit. Therefore I provide different tasks for Standard Level and Higher Level students:
Standard Level Task: Why was the Ottoman Empire unable to contain the Arab Revolt of 1916?
This task introduces students to the interesting character of TE Lawrence, and also deepens their knowledge on the subject of "The Impact of World War One", which is a core Standard Level Paper 2 topic.
Higher Level Task: To what extent did Britain make conflicting promises about the future of the Middle East during World War One?
This exercise involves students comparing and contrasting the Balfour Declaration, th The Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Hussein-MacMahon Correspondence. They could watch too this short video covering the interwar period. There are also teacher notes available for this activity.
2. Keyword Checker: What were the main causes of tension in Palestine c.1914-1939? [interactive]
Students paste their essay into this interface and get a score based on how many keywords they have included. Excellent for ensuring topic coverage at first-draft phase.
3. "Who Am I?" Challenge - The Middle East to 1939
Each team will be presented with a clue about a key historical figure. They get 50 points if they guess it correctly. If they wish to 'pass', they get further (easier) clues but the points available steadily decline. An incorrect guess at any point means they get zero points for that round. You can play as many rounds as you wish. It's a great way to revise!

Why did Britain decide to pull out of the Palestinian Mandate in 1947? (Higher Level only)

1. What were the main developments between 1939-47?
Students watch this short video and refer to their textbooks to develop a new timeline focusing heavily on the period 1939-47.
2. Analysis: Why did Britain decide to pull out of the Palestinian Mandate in 1947?
Using syllabus points and past examination questions, students start to form an independent judgement on the key question. They will also be required to focus on a short period to research in-depth and report back to the class (here is a sample Prezi Presentation that can be used as a guide). There are two sets of teacher notes for this activity (a) notes based around the classroom timelines and (b) notes additionally incorporating notes from the textbooks.
3. Timeline Challenge: The Arab-Israeli Conflict 1939-47 [interactive]
The teacher can ensure that students have covered the most important events in an appropriate amount of depth by playing this interactive, whole-class quiz using an interactive whiteboard.
4. Telescopic Topic: The Middle East Conflict from 1914-47 [interactive]
A useful recap / revision exercise: this timeline is presented in a "collapsible" format for ease of access.


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