GCSE/IB History: The Wall St. Crash
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Interactive Lesson for GCSE/IB History

1. Interactive Simulation
Can you survive the Wall Street Crash?
Play the stock market and see if you make your fortune!
2. Decision Making Game
Wall Street Crash

Interactive Worksheet Unit: The Wall St. Crash and The Depression

1. Introduction: Economic problems in the 1920s
2. Economic Principles - Stocks, Shares, Speculators
3. Why did a Crash happen in 1929? Could it have been prevented?
4. How did the Crash lead to a Depression? What were the political consequences?
5. Sourcework exercise - The Wall St. Crash
6. Fact? Mistake? Opinion? - The Wall St. Crash research exercise

Interactive Quizzes for GCSE/IB History

1. Fling the Teacher Challenge
The Wall St. Crash and the Depression
2. "Hot Potatoes" Self-Marking Quizzes
Wall Street Crash

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