The Rise and Rule of Fidel Castro
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The Rise and Rule of Fidel Castro

Rise of Castro

The rise of Castro is best studied following completion of the ActiveHistory study unit "What are the most common methods and conditions that explain the rise of dictatorships?", since that unit allows students to build up an overall theory about the nature of dictatorships that can then be tested against this particular object study.

What are the methods and conditions by which Castro rose to power in Cuba?
In this self-contained worksheet, students are provided with detailed information relating to the rise of Castro and a range of tasks to help them answer the key question.

Online video documentary (24 minutes)
This should be used for extra detail. Minute-by-minute teacher notes are also available.

Factual test
20 questions to test knowledge of what has been learned.

Rule of Castro (using the online simulation)

The rule of Castro should be investigated as the case study for the ActiveHistory unit "Rule of 20th Century Dictators: Comparative Study Unit", based around the ActiveHistory Simulation “Which 20th Century Dictator are YOU?”




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