Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial DayHolocaust Memorial Day

January 27th is Holocaust Memorial Day. In preparation for this I have prepared the following materials to help students reflect on the causes and consequences of Genocide. Please contact me if you have any suggestions for improvements!

1. PowerPoint: Assembly introducing the topic of Genocide

Designed to last 15-20 minutes, this PowerPoint introduces the topic and the tasks which follow.

1. Student Worksheets

A series of activities designed to get students thinking about what it means to "remember", what sorts of things are worthy of remembrance, what the most appropriate type of memorial should be; students can also choose to research a particular genocide in more depth.

2. Support Materials

To support the workpack above, there are several other resources:
PowerPoint: Examples of Holocaust Memorials
PowerPoint Template: Evaluating a Holocaust Memorial
PowerPoint Template: Researching a Genocide


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