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Year 7 History Revision
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Was Life Good or Bad in the Middle Ages? - The Big Question!

1. Revision of Topics
Students go through their notes on each of the key topics studied this year and decide which aspects suggest that life was "Good" during this period, and which aspects suggest life was "Bad". They then write their findings up as an overall conclusion which distinguishes between different times, places and people.
2. Revision of Events [Approach 1]
To accompany this interactive newsfeed.Get students into two teams - "Good" and "Bad". The first team should note down any information which suggests life was bad in the middle ages, the other team should do the opposite. Each student should then produce a biased timeline using
3. Revision of Events [Approach 2]
In this exercise students organise slips of information into appropriate categories, reduce them down to just 15, and use them to answer the question "Was Life Good or Bad in the Middle Ages?". They work in teams of two or three, and at various points during the exercise the teacher will test each team with questions from this picture quiz.
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