The Triangular Slave Trade
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Causes and Conditions of the Slave Trade

1. Unit Starter: PowerPoint [click here for a downloadable version]
Students are presented with a series of images of objects, then of people from different continents, and have to deduce from this evidence what the next topic of study is likely to be. Teachers should focus on the current day relevance of the topic in the final slides, which refer to such figures as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
2. Origins of the British Empire
Students have to copy and paste key details into the appropriate cells of a table which outlines who, why, where and how the British Empire developed. A good way of providing an overview of the growth of the British Empire.
3. The Growth and Shame of the British Empire: The Triangular Slave Trade
The Trade Triangle is explained and then students produce a "living graph" of the terrible conditions on board the slave ships using
4. The Art of JMW Turner: PowerPoint Starter [click here for a downloadable version]
This powerpoint presentation encourages students to analyse two of Turner's greatest paintings: The Slave Ship and The Fighting Temeraire. Each painting is a great comment on the British Empire and its Slave Trade. A good cross-curricular link with art.
5. Social Conditions - The Transatlantic Slave Trade [interactive]
The Middle Passage
Take on the role of a kidnapped young African and see how well you can maintain your strength in the harrowing "Middle Passage" across the Atlantic in this decision-making activity. Complete with five different lesson plans.
Coalbrookdale Interactive Census: Expansion, Trade and Industry Game
6. Runaway Slave Advertisements: PowerPoint Starter [click here for a downloadable version]
This PowerPoint displays a series of advertisements for runaway slaves. Students are encouraged to read through each to deduce the sorts of terrible conditions that slaves had to endure
7. Life on the Slave Plantations [1] - Slave Narratives
Students are placed in role as a real-life slave and read a first-person narrative from this sourcepack. They are then interviewed by the class, who records their findings in an attempt to determine the sorts of punishments inflicted for different types of "crimes" on the slave plantations.
8. Life on the Slave Plantations [2] - Images and Explanations
Students are presented with a series of images and explanations and placed into teams for a competition over several rounds to test knowledge and understanding of life on the slave plantations. Instructions for the quiz can be found here.
9. End of Unit Test
Students are provided with a selection of possible questions in the GCSE Paper 1 format (a. Describe, b. Explain, c. Assess). They are told that one of these three-part questions will be set as the end of unit assessment - it is up to the teacher which to choose.

"The Apprentice" Roleplay (see below)


Abolition of the Slave Trade - click here for 'The Apprentice' roleplay unit.

History in the News for The Triangular Slave Trade

1. How atheist Richard Dawkins' family fortune came from the slave trade  
2. Rio's Cemetery of New Blacks sheds light on horrors of slave trade Tooth analysis shows Africans taken from wide area ranging from Sudan in the north-east to Mozambique in the south
3. Rare daguerreotype offers insight into urban slavery  
4. Abraham Lincoln 'wanted to deport slaves' to new colonies  
5. Councillor: Black History Month “left-wing vanity” In a debate about arts funding on Monday, Cllr Adam Kellett, who represents the Ashburton ward, described Black History Month as “a left-wing vanity project.”
6. 389 Years of Black History in the USA: This would make a great classroom poster  
7. Caribbean slaves came from different regions in Africa  
8. Recalling Douglass in the age of Obama  
9. Cambridge University's "Empire Ball" - 'insensitive and racist?'  
10. Archaeologists find wreck of slave ship  

History weblinks for The Triangular Slave Trade

1. Work underway to remove quote from Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial - Washington Times  A chain-link fence and yellow caution tape marked the start Monday of a major change planned for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial as officials prepare to remove the controversial "drum major" inscription from the side of the monument. The project is expected to last for three to four weeks and wrap up before events to mark the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on Aug. 28.
2. Sessions for Schools: The case for the Trade - YouTube  An 18th century slave trader (played by actor Andrew Ashmore) puts the case against the growing abolition movement to end the transatlantic slave trade. It i...
3. The Alan Lomax Sound Archive Online: Features 17,000 Recordings   
4. 35 Cool Business Cards To Inspire You | Design Inspiration  In which business your are in you probably know how important having a business card to contact with your customers and get feedback from them.In a way,business
5. Soundtrack for a Revolution - Be the Change   
6. Organize Your Thinking to Critically Analyze Text  Nice ideas using slave trade/civil rights as a focus
7. "Flight to Freedom" Interactive game about slavery in the Americas   
8. Furious letter from former slave to his 'owner' during American Civil War   
9. Caribbean views: personal selections by Mike Phillips   
10. The Abolition of Slavery Project  A great teaching resource
11. Celebrating Black History: 50 Cultural Giants   
12. Rufus Buck's Anti-Black History Month History Lesson   
13. What's in a surname? - National Geographic Magazine   
14. Timelines - Who was the greatest musical talent of the 19th century? Perhaps a blind, autistic slave   
15. Melrose Interactive Slavery Environment   
16. Defence Dynamics - Lesson Plans - Abolition of slavery (1)  Role of the Royal Navy in the Abolition of Slavery
17. Children and Youth in History | Children in the Slave Trade   
18. Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database   
19. What does this map tell you about Western attitudes to Africa in 1849?! #historyteacher (via /   
20. Civil Rights: Pivotal Events Photo Gallery (via /   
21. House Divided Exhibit Gallery: Henry "Box" Brown   
22. Virtual Field Trips relating to the Slave Trade   
23. Virtual Field Trips: Henry "Box" Brown   
24. Dailymotion - Leadbelly News Report - a Music video   
25. Discovery Channe: Understanding Slavery   
26. PBS: Africans in America   
27. History News Network  Slavery Debate
28. Campaign for Abolition   
29. The struggle to end slavery. A timeline. Durham University Library   
30. Small Island Read 2007: Abolition   
31. Freedom - A KS3 History resource about Britain and the Transatlantic Slave Trade   
32. Slavery Image Search   
33. equimap2.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200x840 pixels)   
34. nfpSynergy - Press Coverage  Granville Sharp, with his meticulous legal zeal and interest in wider political freedoms; Thomas Clarkson, with his skill in writing and systematic research; and William Wilberforce, with his parliamentary skills and political connections.
35. Understanding Slavery   
36. Triangular trade - A Teaching Resource for KS3   
37. The National Archives | Exhibitions & Learning online | Black presence   



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