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IGCSE History Revision 2016
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Modern World IGCSE History Revision, Summer 2016 

What do you want to revise?

(You could also try this Play Your Dates Right Quiz | Who Am I? Challenge)

Paper 1
(2 hrs)

A. International Relations 1914-40

B. Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1919-45

Answer three structured questions, two from Section A, one from Section B.
Each question will be broken into three parts: Describe [5] | Explain [7] | Assess [8]


Paper 2
(2 hrs)

A. Why did Events in the Gulf Matter?

Answer a series of compulsory sourcework questions.
When appropriate, you will use your background knowledge to evaluate and elaborate upon the sources.

B. Generic exercises for developing and revising sourcework skills


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