The Reign of Edward VI

Interactive exercises / PowerPoint Presentations

1. Decision Making Game
Walking the Mid-Tudor Tightrope! An interactive decision making game
2. PowerPoint Presentation
The 1549 Rebellions
3. Jigsaw-Table Exercise
England under Northumberland


1. Timeline of the Reign For reference / revision purposes.    
2. Key Figures of the Reign Complete with a task.    
3. Introduction: England in 1547 76kb
4. Somerset: Character and Style of Government 86kb
5. Somerset: Foreign Policy 85kb
6. Somerset: Religious Policy 109kb
7. Somerset: Sourcework and Markscheme on Religious Policy 124kb
8. Somerset: Economic Policy 121kb
9. Somerset: The 1549 Rebellions 67kb
10. Somerset: Conclusion and Debate 91kb
11. Factual Test: England under Protector Somerset 69kb
12. Sourcework England under Protector Somerset 69kb

External Links

1. The Reign of Edward VI E-Book by AF Pollard Mannheim University


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