Henry VII: 1485-1509

World History teaching resources for the high school classroom: lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes and simulation games for KS3, IGCSE, IB and A-Level teachers.

Interactive exercises

1. Decision-Making Game
Henry VII: The Issues of the Reign:
Based on the activity in the textbook by Ian Dawson, this game encourages new A-Level Early Modernists to "think sixteenth century" by taking a series of decisions as the first Tudor Monarch.
2. Fling the Teacher Quizzes
a. Henry VII's Domestic Policy
b. Henry VII's Foreign Policy
3. Self-Marking Quizzes
Aims and Methods
The Situation in Europe in 1485
Consolidating his position, 1485-86
The Habsburgs: (a) Burgundy / HRE and the Lambert Simnel Crisis (1487)
The Valois: The Brittany Crisis - Henry's Initial Reaction
The Valois: The Brittany Crisis - What happened?

PowerPoint Presentations

1. Richard v. Henry - who will win?
A PowerPoint Presentation outlining the prospects of victory at Bosworth for both Henry Tudor and Richard III. Complete with task.
2. Rebellions against Henry VII: Simnel and Warbeck
A PowerPoint Presentation.
3. Local government under Henry VII - policies common to the whole country
A PowerPoint Presentation.


1. Summary Sheet: Background to the Wars of the Roses
2. Who will win the Battle of Bosworth?
3. Consolidation: The Battle of Bosworth
4. Crossword: The Early Years of Henry VII / Rebellions
5. Finance in the Reign of Henry VII
6. Summary Sheets: Henry VII and the Nobiility / Henry VII and Finance
7. Local government under Henry VII - policies for particular regions
8. Henry VII and the Nobility
9. Henry VII and the Habsburgs: (b) Later Events (part (a) is an interactive quiz, listed above)
10. Henry VII and the Succession - Spain
11. Henry VII and Scotland
12. Foreign Policy: Consolidation Grid

External Links

1. The Battle of Bosworth Field
2. Britannica Article on Perkin Warbeck
3. Another narrative account on the same subject, but with more detail and analysis
4. Patent Granted by King Henry VII to John Cabot and his Sons, March 1496
5. The death of Prince Arthur || Another account of the death of Prince Arthur
6. The death of Elizabeth of York & betrothal of Princess Margaret to the king of Scots
7. Henry VII's obituary
8. Description of Henry VII by Vergil


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