Henry VIII: 1529-47
Teacher Training Day
22nd March 2019

Interactive exercises

1. Head2Head Interactive Interviews
Interview Henry VIII!
2. Decision Making Adventure
Causes and Course of the Henrician Reformation, 1527-35
3. "Play your Dates Right" Game
The Henrician Reformation, c.1515-47
4. "Fling the Teacher" Quiz
Henrician Reformation "Fling the Teacher" Quiz
5. Self-Marking Tests
a. The Henrician Reformation Crossword
b. The Henrician Reformation Cloze Exercise
6. Online Investigation
Religious Changes, 1536-47



1. Timeline of the Henrician Reformation, 1515-29
2. Research Task: Characters in the Henrician Reformation
3. Timeline of the Henrician Reformation, 1529-36
4. Timeline of the Henrician Reformation, 1536-47
5. Key characters in the Henrician Reformation
6. What were the effects of the dissolution of the monasteries?
7. Timeline: The Pilgrimage of Grace
8. Summary Pack: The Tudor Revolution in Government

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