Henry VIII: The Wolsey Years

Interactive exercises

1. "Fling the Teacher" Quiz
Thomas Wolsey
2. Self-Marking Quiz
The Course of Wolsey's Rise to power
3. Interactive Sourcework Exercise
Field of the Cloth of Gold

PowerPoint Presentations

1. How did Wolsey Maintain his position? PowerPoint presentation complete with follow-up tasks.
A worksheet is available to accompany it.


1. What was Wolsey Like?
2. The course of Wolsey's Rise to power
3. Why did Wolsey rise to power?
4. Why did Wolsey fall from power?
5. Sources about Wolsey's Fall from Power
6. Foreign Policy 1509-14
7. Foreign Policy 1514-29
8. Wolsey and administration
9. Wolsey and Finance / Parliament
10. Wolsey: Society and Economy
11. Wolsey: The Legal System
12. Wolsey: The Church

Model Essays

Analyse the Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey (originally published in History Review)


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