German Economic Development, 1866-1980
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22nd March 2019

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Interactive exercises

1. "Fling the Teacher" Quiz
German Economic Development
1. Word Documents to complete online
a. Causes of the Industrial Revolution in Germany
b. Outline of the German economy, 1866-1914
c. Sources on the German Economy c.1866-1918
d. The impact of the Allied Blockade on Germany during WW1
e. The German Economy: Worksheet 1  /  Worksheet 2  /  Worksheet 3 (Ben Greene)
2. Excel Spreadsheets
a. Cost of Living, 1890-1914
b. Industrial Growth, 1870-1913
c. Shift workers, 1889-1913
d. Unemployment, 1887-1913
e. Women in various jobs, 1882-1907
f. Distribution of workers, 1843-1907
g. Balance of Trade c.1866-1914
h. Pig Iron Production in various countries c.1866-1914
i. Rise of the SPD
j. Strikes in Imperial Germany

External Links

1. The Second Industrial Revolution in Germany


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