The Nazi State
Teacher Training Day
22nd March 2019

Interactive exercises

1. Star Activity
Head2Head: Interview Adolf Hitler!  
Interview the German dictator face to face!
3. Decision Making Game
James Spod, Secret Agent!
Learn about Nazi Germany whilst on a mission to eliminate the evil dictator Adolf Hitler!  
1. Fling the Teacher Quiz
a. The Nazi Volksgemeinschaft
b. Hitler and the Nazis
2. Word documents designed to be completed as online worksheets
a. The Nazi Consolidation of Power, 1933-4
b. In-depth assessment of women's policies 
c. The Nazis and religion
d. Conclusions on Nazi Economic Policies
5. "Splat!" Games
Splat the Nazi - How many Nazis can you splat in 60 seconds?
6. "CannonBall Fun" Games
Nazi Germany
7. "Wordshoot!" Games
Nazi Germany
8. Play Your Dates Right Games
Hitler and the Nazis, 1889-1945
10. "Hot Potatoes" Self-Marking Quizzes
Nazi Germany Multiple Choice Quiz

PowerPoint Presentations

1. Hitler's Rise to Power (Celine Koh)
2. The Night of the Long Knives
a, The Case for the Army
b. The Case for the SA
c. What happened?
d. Was there really a plot to overthrow Hitler?


1. The Nazi State
2. The Nazi Party after 1933
3. The Army in Nazi Germany after 1933
4. Himmler's SS Empire
5. How powerful was the SS?
6. The Nazi Propaganda Machine
7. Propaganda in Nazi Germany
8. The Nazi view of society: "Volksgemeinschaft"
9. Nazi policies towards women
10. Nazis and Youth There is a worksheet to go with the information pack which should also be printed off.
11. Nazi Economic Policies
12. Nazi Treatment of minorities
13. Opposition to the Nazi regime
14. Historiography of World War Two: Hitler's Role in causing WW2

External Links

1. Life in Hitler's Germany 1933-39
2. The Nazi State

Audio-Visual resources

1. Reni Liefenstahl:
Triumph of the Will [1935]
Hitler's Olympia - The Nazi Olympics 1936
2. Feature Films:
Adolf Hitler - The Story Of A Dictator [1948]
Schindler's List
Europa Europa

Hiroshima Mon Amour [1959]
3. Documentaries:
The Nazis - A Warning From History - Box Set
War of the Century
The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich
Daily Life In The Warsaw Ghetto
The SS - Blood And Soil
Hitler's Henchmen
Propaganda - War Of The Mind
The Hitler Youth
The Third Reich In Colour 
Hitler's Birthdays 1933 - 1945
Buchenwald - The Lucky Ones
 The Persecution Of The Jews In Europe
Oskar Schindler And The Holocaust
Anne Frank Remembered
Inside The Third Reich
The Enigma Of The Swastika
Fire Storm Over Dresden
Germany Calling - 1939-1945  
Germany At War:
1. 1918 - 1941
2. 1941 - 1943
3. 1943 - 1945

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