GCSE History: Causes of World War One
Teacher Training Day
22nd March 2019

Worksheets and Activities for GCSE History

Sourcework Assignment Pack

A comprehensive pack of sources and questions in the style of GCSE/IGCSE examinations, designed to be printed off at the beginning of the unit and used as homework exercises over the course of several weeks.

1. Interactive Simulation: You are the Kaiser!
A great way of starting the unit: complete with a range of differentiated worksheets, this decision-making adventure really gets students thinking about the important people, themes and events.
2. Study Guide: The Causes of World War One
3. Introduction: Philip Larkin's Poem "1914"
4. The Assassination at Sarajevo
5. The July Crisis
6. The July Crisis: Flash Quiz
7. Austria v. Serbia: Imperialism and Nationalism
8. Russia v. Germany: Personal Misunderstandings and the "Willy-Nicky" Correspondence
9. Britain v. Germany: Colonial and Economic Rivarly
10. Britain v. Germany: The Arms Race
11. Classroom Debate: Who was Most Responsible for the Outbreak of World War One?
12. Movie Clip: Germany's Motives | Movie Clip: Britain's Motives (designed to accompany worksheet [9] above)
13. Historiography: Historians' Views on the Causes of World War One (designed for A-Level / IB History)

Interactive Essay Planning Tool: Origins of World War One

Professor AJP Sailor takes 5 factors and connects them together in endless combinations to help students consider the Origins of World War One and how to link factors in essays.

Interactive Games and Quizzes for GCSE History


Manic Miner Game
Causes of World War One

2. "Wordshoot" Quiz
Causes of World War One
3. CannonBall Fun Quiz
Causes of World War One

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