Islamic Civilisations
History Worksheets

Islamic Civilisations - Worksheets

1. Who was Mohammad?
Film Poster / Timeline: Of Mohammed's Life
2. Reasons for Mohammad's Appeal
Matching exercise / discussion
: Students analyse key points and then discuss what they consider to be the most important factors.
3. What do Muslims believe?
Comparative exercise
: Students compare the beliefs of Christians, Jews and Muslims
4. The Hajj
Illustrated diary: Students use the information on the sheet to produce an illustrated diary of their Hajj pilgrimage
5. HOW did Islam spread so rapidly?
Map work: Students analyse three maps to determine the course of Islam's expansion
6. WHY did Islam spread so rapidly?
Venn Diagram
: Students draw three overlapping circles and categorise military, religious and social factors and those which are a mixture of two or even all three.
7. Islamic Arts and Learning - Science / Baghdad
: Students draw their own picture of Baghdad based on the written accounts of the time and design their own Islamic tile
8. Islamic Arts and Learning: Which Muslim contributed most?
Group Work / Debate
: Students research different characters and research back on their findings.
9. Islamic Arts and Learning: Architecture
: Students produce their own based on their visit to a particular notable building of the Muslim World.
10. Islam and the Wider World: The Ottomans (1)
Running Dictation / Newspaper report: Students produce their own dramatic account of the fall of Constantinople to Ottoman forces in 1453.
11. Islam and the Wider World: The Ottomans (2)
Display work
: Students design their own commemorative display of the Reign of Suleiman the Magnificent
12. Islam today
Cartoon analysis / Discussion: A thorny but incredibly relevant topic.
13. Islamic Civilisations "Fling the Teacher" game
60 possible questions on this topic submitted by students
14. What is Islam?
PowerPoint Presentation (Jo Norton)
15. The Crusades
PowerPoint Presentation (Jo Norton)
16. The Crusades
SEN sheet (Dan Moorhouse)
17. Motives of the Crusaders
Worksheet (Dan Moorhouse)
18. Motives of the Crusaders
Worksheet (Dan Moorhouse)


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