The Tudors
Teacher Training Day
22nd March 2019

In addition to the following materials, there are separate topic pages for:

Henry VIII

Elizabeth I

Queen Mary Tudor

Edward VI and Mary I

1. Picture Analysis: The Tudor Portrait Mystery
Students analyse a famous picture to determine its message.

2. Decision Making Game: Walking the Mid-Tudor Tightrope!: A decision-making game in which students take on the role of an advisor to King Edward VI. Designed for A-Level / IB, but of potential use for younger students.

3. The Lady Jane Grey Plot: A "Codebreaking" activity in which students decipher a secret message sent following the death of Edward VI. Serves as an introduction to the crises facing Mary I.

4. Does Mary deserve to be known as "Bloody"?: A worksheet based around the short clip from the feature film "Elizabeth" which shows the execution of Latimer and Ridley. Type in "latimer ridley" into to find the clip!

End of Unit Interactive Tests on The Tudors


Interactive quizzes on this topic [tips]

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