Trial of King Henry VIII

Surprise Exhibits

Instructions to judges: Watch some of the following clips. Select three to use as "surprise exhibits" during the trial. The prosecution and the defence will have to convince you that the evidence proves their side of the case, or at least convince you that this evidence cannot be trusted.

  1. Henry's Armour
  2. "The Tudors" - Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Young Henry
  3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers gives his view of Henry VIII and his wives
  4. "Henry VIII and His Six Wives" from "Horrible Histories"
  5. Movie Trailer for "Carry on Henry"
  6. Henry arrives at Thomas More's house
  7. Anne Boleyn's Last Words
  8. Henry 8.0
  9. "Henry VIII" - Ray Winstone's depiction of the older Henry - "Henry meets Robert Aske, who is demanding that Henry VIII stop closing down the monasteries"
  10. Harry Hill's view on Ray Winstone's interpretation of Henry VIII
  11. "Henry VIII dismisses Thomas Cromwell" - Keith Mitchell


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