The French Revolution: Condensed study unit

Marie-Antoinette as played by Kirsten Dunst

The full study unit covering the causes and the events of the French Revolution takes up to 15 hours. However, in this condensed study unit, designed to last about 7 hours, students will learn about the main causes of the French Revolution. The Three Estates System, the mistakes of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, the role of Enlightenment Philosophers and the American Revolution are all covered.

The main outcomes are:

At the end of the unit (or later in the school year, as a revision exercise) students should play the Interactive Simulation and complete the worksheet that accompanies it:

Decision-Making Game: The Causes of the French Revolution: Part 1 [interactive]
Can you help Louis XVI avoid Civil War? A decision-making adventure, complete with sound effects and worksheet tasks.
Students have the ability to proceed straight onto Part 2 of the game when they finish it; I personally prefer not to play the game at this stage, but instead play Part 1 and Part 2 in one go at the end of the study unit as a revision exercise. However, if time is limited (e.g. 30 minute lesson), breaking it into two smaller simulations would be a good idea!



End of Unit Interactive Quizzes

Student Resources (The French Revolution: Condensed study unit)

> IntroductionPDF File0.67MBPreview Page 1
> Bastille runnerPDF File0.05MBPreview Page 1
> Bastille runnerPDF File0.03MBPreview Page 1
> The KingPDF File1.25MBPreview Page 1
> The QueenPDF File1.01MBPreview Page 1
> Marie-Antoinette StillsPowerPoint6.4MB
> Other FactorsPDF File10.99MBPreview Page 1
> ParliamentsPDF File1.09MBPreview Page 1
> ExtensionPDF File0.47MBPreview Page 1
> Trial LouisPDF File5MBPreview Page 1
> GamePDF File0.02MBPreview Page 1
> Revolutions ProjectPDF File0.06MBPreview Page 1


Teacher Resources (The French Revolution: Condensed study unit)

> Starter PresentationPowerPoint2.82MB
> Starter MAImage File0.05MB
> Starter ma2Image File0.1MB
> ParliamentsPDF File0.06MBPreview Page 1
> Trial LouisPDF File0.05MBPreview Page 1
> FACTUAL TESTPDF File0.06MBPreview Page 1



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