The Middle East

Interactive lessons

1. Interactive Running Dictation Exercise
The Middle East Conflict to 1939 [interactive]
The Middle East Conflict to 1987 [interactive]
The Middle East Conflict to 2009 [interactive]
Designed to get the narrative across in an engaging way.
2. Chatshow Challenge: The Middle East Conflict [interactive]
An end-of-unit activity which tests sourcework skills as well as factual knowledge. Students take on the role of either a Palestinian or an Israeli and go "Head to Head" with an opponent to answer key questions from their own biased perspective. The computer produces two scores for each student for teachers to record in the markbook: factual knowledge and sourcework skills.
3. Google Earth Tours: Biased Interpretations of the Middle East Conflict [interactive]
One from a Palestinian perspective, one from an Israeli perspective, produced by students at the International School of Toulouse. Complete with lesson plan.


Interactive quizzes




1. Introduction / Mapping the Middle East A 30 minute, self contained worksheet lesson introducing students to the key themes and places involved. 105kb
2. The Human Impact Lesson designed to last 30 minutes plus a homework. Students consider how the conflict is affecting innocent civilians in the Middle East today and produce a campaign poster highlighting the key issues. 109kb
3. Cause and Course of the Conflict Online lesson in which students insert bias into a timeline account and then answered structured questions about it. 71kb
4. Cause and Course of the Conflict: Google Earth Tour: Follows on from the previous lesson.    
5. Classroom debate: Who is responsible for the conflict? Lesson plan and worksheets in which students are given the opportunity to consider the issue from several perspectives. 62kb
6. 5 possible outcomes Students look forward with this lesson to consider what the situation may be like in 25 years time and whether it appeals to them. 74kb
7. Islam Today Some particularly challenging questions are thrown out in this lesson - from my experience it is a great way of rounding off the unit by bringing students full circle to consider the impact of the September 11th attacks. 157kb


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