History Mysteries
Teacher Training Day
22nd March 2019


What are the "History Mysteries"?

The "History Mysteries" lessons are designed as stand-alone projects which each last 3-4 hours.
Through engaging historical topics, they teach skills of problem formulation, deductive reasoning, independent research, groupwork and structured writing.
There is a standard teacher lesson plan and student record sheet / markscheme for each activity.

Also available is a complete case study of the "Iceman Mystery", with all the resources needed to run the History Mystery with your class!

How do they work?

What's the point?

The "History Mysteries" serve a number of very useful purposes:



The Iceman Murder Mystery Prehistoric
The Murder of Becket 1100s
Cats' Bottoms and the Holy Grail 1200s
The Princes in the Tower 1400s
The Gunpowder Plot 1600s
The Franklin Expedition 1840s
The Causes of the American Civil War 1860s
The Dreadnought Hoax 1900s
The Disappearance of Antoine de St. Exupery 1900s
Operation Mincemeat 1940s

Do you have any ideas for another "History Mystery"? Contact me!

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