PSHCE: Critical Thinking

This unit is designed to address the issue of critical thinking. It is designed for students at Year 10/11 (aged 14-16).

1. Assembly Presentation: What is critical thinking?
This presentation is given to the entire group and is designed to get them thinking about what critical thinking entails. In particular it provides students with an introdution into the De Bono 6-Hat Technique which will form the basis of the activity in the main part of the unit.

2. Main Activity: "Imagine a World..."
The teacher will take the role of someone with a "Green Hat".
They will choose (or ask the class to vote on) one of the "Imagine a world..." discussion point which are listed overleaf (or invent one of their own).
When the discussion point has been selected, each person in the class will be given a number between 2-5 (Red, Yellow, Black, White).
You will be given the rest of the lesson to formulate your responses to the discussion point using the following information to help you (your teacher will also try to help you think the issue through).






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