Create a Virtual Museum

During the COVID-19 lockdown period I got my students to collaborate on a "Virtual Museum" containing items from around their homes.
It worked well and is something which I'll now do regularly as a standalone project - you may be interested in trying a similar thing out with your own classes.

Task 1 (c.25 minutes)
Locate at least TWO interesting old objects in your home.
Take a photograph of each one, and then add this, along with an explanation, to this shared "Virtual Museum" on (NOTE: use the 'sign up' option to login with Google so that your name will clear appear alongside each of your photos!)

Task 2: (20 minutes)
Refresh the padlet so you can see what other people in the class have added.
Choose AT LEAST TWO but ideally more) of these items uploaded by your classmates today that you find particularly interesting. Give these a 'like' and write a sentence underneath explaining why you chose it and/or asking a question about it that you'd like to have answered.

Extension Task (OPTIONAL)
You can always add more objects to the padlet if you wish.
Beyond this, if you wish to do so you can choose TEN of the most interesting objects from our Padlet and turn them into a "Virtual Gallery" using the 3D Gallery generator at ClassTools.


Example 1:

Made with Padlet


Example 2:

Made with Padlet


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