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What are the benefits of ClassTools Premium? premium membership gives you the following additional benefits to the basic features!


No Google Ads on resources you create, view or "favourite".

Personal area

Your own web area where you can organise and edit your favourite resources.

Full history

No danger of losing any of your creations - everything you save is available in your dedicated "history" area!

Permanently secure

Dormant resources are regularly cleared off the server. Resources created by Premium subscribers are safe from this process.

Edit existing games

Make an editable copy of any Fling the Teacher / Vortex / Arcade game, whether or not you originally created it.

Personal branding

Add your personal logo/weblink to your random name pickers, Fling the Teacher quizzes and Vortex games.

Clear Leaderboard

Empty the leaderboard so you can monitor student progress for your markbook.

Unlock all templates

Certain templates and games are only accessible to Premium users.

Premium support

Premium subscribers have a special contact form where they are guaranteed a prompt and effective communication.


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