events of the French Revolution

Note: A condensed version of the French Revolution Study Unit is also available (designed to take 7-8 teaching hours).


French Revolution Worksheets and Lesson Plans

1. The Tennis Court Oath and the Constitution
A role-play lesson. Students consider how they would have voted on each of the key issues discussed at the Tennis Court, then compare these to what was actually decided.
2. The Flight to Varennes [interactive]
A worksheet to run alongside this innovative activity designed to bring the drama of King Louis XVI's desperate gamble alive
3. Classroom Roleplay: The Trial of King Louis XVI
A one-hour lesson. The class is organised into prosecution, defence and judges and each one has a specific task to prepare for the trial. The roleplay itself is a lively activity which forces the students to think on their feet and critically evaluate the evidence prior to reaching a judgement.
4. The Trial and Execution of King Louis XVI
Primary sources and discussion points relating to the events leading to the death of King Louis XVI (and of Marie-Antoinette).
5. Decision-Making Game: The Causes of the French Revolution: Part 2 [interactive]
Can you help Louis XVI avoid Civil War? The second part of the decision making simulation. As stated earlier, I prefer to play both Part 1 and Part 2 of the simulation in one go at this point.
6. The Terror
Who were the Jacobins and the Girondins? Who was the most evil of them all?

Napoleon Bonaparte: Hero or Villain?
Students conduct a "round robin" exercise, gathering information from their classmates after each student is given just one piece of information from this list. They then have to categorise their points and put them into a diagram using


Conclusion Debate
did the French Revolution change a lot, or just a little? For the better, or for the worse?



End of Unit Interactive Quizzes


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