Year 9 Options Materials

You may find the following resources useful when talking to students about whether they should choose to study GCSE Modern World History.

1. PowerPoint Presentation
A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation which forms the basis of the lesson. Packed with loads of useful information about famous history graduates, skills and content covered by the GCSE Modern World History Course. Activities and discussion points are sprinkled throughout to maintain interest and engagement.

"This is the Modern World!" [3-Minute Video]
A three-minute video I put together to give students an overview of some of the main events and personalities of the 20th Century.
The appropriate point at which to watch this video is made clear in the PowerPoint presentation above.
Before students watch the film, warn them that there will be a quick factual test afterwards to test how much they have learned.

3. Follow-Up Quiz: The Modern World Google Earth Tour [interactive]
After watching the film, students should watch this Google Earth Tour and list the 10 key personalities shown in it based on what they learned from the film.
As the tour progresses, give some clues / anecdotes about each character to maintain interest.
Award merits to the best scoring students in the class.
4. Famous History Graduates [interactive]
An image of 27 well-known History graduates.
The appropriate point at which to watch this video is made clear in the PowerPoint presentation above.
Get the class into teams. Each team will take it in turns to name a different face. Teams are “knocked out” when they run out of ideas. The winning team will be the one with the most points.
5. Classroom Posters: 10 Celebrity History Graduates
Print these off onto A3, get them laminated and stuck up around the room, then point at them whenever any student asks "What can you do with a history degree?"



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