Year 9 History: Stand-Alone Resources
Teacher Training Day
22nd March 2019

Modern History: Stand-Alone Resources


The following resources can be used either as Miscellaneous homework / extension activities or as stand-alone lesson units in themselves.

1. ActiveHistory Mysteries [Interactive]
A series of engaging "Historical Mysteries" designed to develop skills of question formulation, deduction, research, groupwork and essay writing. Using a range of visual and written "clues", students piece together a genuine historical mystery and work towards an independent conclusion. Worksheets and markschemes included.

The Worst Jobs in History: Victorian
This activity can be used as a stand-alone lesson, homework assignment or as part of a broader unit on "Was life Good or Bad during this particular period?". The worksheet has basic activities for a 30 minute lesson, and extension tasks that could be followed up later.
3. George III / George IV: A stand-alone worksheet designed to develop understanding of censorship and propaganda.  
4. Kings and Queens: Charles I to George II
Learn about these monarchs interactively!
5. Death on the Railways
A sourcework investigation.
6. Victorian Life - spotting anachronism
Students use Encarta to spot the anachronisms contained in the account.
7. Children in the factories - detecting bias
Students edit and analyse a primary source document in order detect bias.
8. The Amazing Animated Steam machines
A worksheet and lesson plan to accompany the excellent resource at the BBC site.
9. Slavery and Civil Rights
Timeline quiz, followed by a structured Internet Investigation.  
10. Social Conditions: Local History Study
The Bilston Cholera Epidemic
A complete project pack for a 5-hour unit.


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