IGCSE History Revision: The Weimar Republic and the Rise of Hitler, 1918-33

The Nazi Regime, 1934-45

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From the syllabus

How effectively did the Nazis control Germany, 1933-45?
Focus Points
How much opposition was there to the Nazi regime?
How effectively did the Nazis deal with their political opponents?
How did the Nazis use culture and the mass media to control the people?
Why did the Nazis persecute many groups in German society?
Was Nazi Germany a totalitarian state?

What was it like to live in Nazi Germany?
Focus Points
How did young people react to the Nazi regime?
How successful were Nazi policies towards women and the family?
Did most people in Germany benefit from Nazi rule?
How did the coming of war change life in Nazi Germany?

Specified Content
Nazi rule in Germany: - the Enabling Act - the Night of the Long Knives - the death of Hindenburg - the removal of opposition - methods of control and repression - use of culture and the mass media
Economic policy including re-armament
Different experiences of Nazi rule: - women and young people - anti-Semitism - persecution of minorities - opposition to Nazi rule
Impact of the Second World War on Germany: - the conversion to war economy - the Final Solution.

Past Questions

    2016 Nov (region 3) 2016 Nov (region 2) 2016 Nov (region 1) 2016 June (region 3) 2016 P1 June (region 2) 2016 P1 June (region 1) 2015 Sample paper 1
Nazi Germany a [4 marks]

What was the 'Final Solution'?

Describe the development of the Nazi Party during the rest of the 1920s following the Munich

What part did informers play in helping the Nazis to maintain control over the German

What part did the secret police play in the running of Nazi Germany?

Describe the Nuremberg Rallies.

What actions did the Nazis take to reduce unemployment?

What was the 'Strength through Joy' programme introduced by the Nazis?
b [6 marks] Why were some women unhappy with life under the Nazi regime?
Why did the Nazis do well in the 1930 Reichstag election?
Why did the Nazis seek to control all forms of the media? Why was Hitler popular with many Germans? Why was the Nazi 'master race' theory important?
Why did the Nazis encourage the 'perfect Aryan family'?
Why were women important in Hitler's plans for Germany?
c [10 marks] 'The standard of living in Germany improved under the Nazis.' How far do you agree with this
statement? Explain your answer.
'The main reason for the Night of the Long Knives was that Röhm had become an
embarrassment to Hitler.' How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.
'The Nazi regime was more successful in dealing with the churches than it was in dealing with
the youth of Germany.' How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.
'Nazi Germany was a totalitarian state.' How far do you agree with this statement? Explain
your answer.
How effective was the control of the German people by the Nazis? Explain your answer. How attractive was the Nazi regime to young people? Explain your answer. 'Nazi education and youth policies were not effective in controlling young people.' How far do
you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.

Classroom activities

James Spod: Undercover in Nazi Germany! [interactive]
Learn about Nazi Germany whilst on a mission to eliminate the evil dictator Adolf Hitler! The original (less comprehensive) game is still available here.
Head2Head Virtual Interview with Adolf Hitler! [interactive]
Interview the German dictator face to face! Type in whatever question takes your fancy, and receive a historically accurate reply courtesy of a massive database. A fantastic way of investigating Germany 1918-45.

Interactive cartoon analysis
Analyse a series of cartoons by hovering over details and answering exam-style questions. When you have finished, the computer will provide you with a printout comparing your answer to a model answer. A great way to revise and develop sourcework skills.


Interactive Revision Quizzes and Resources

Fling the Teacher Quiz
Ideal for a starter activity. Outline the main task for the day at the beginning of the lesson. Then, give students 10 minutes to play the game. Anyone finishing within the 10 minutes should get points reflecting the amount of minutes left on the clock, then move directly on to the main task for the lesson whilst the rest of the class continue to play.
Repeat this format for ALL your revision lessons to create a "Revision Leaderboard" with a prize given to the overall high score at the end of revision time.

"Who Am I?" Challenge - Nazi Germany
Each team will be presented with a clue about a key historical figure. They get 50 points if they guess it correctly. If they wish to 'pass', they get further (easier) clues but the points available steadily decline. An incorrect guess at any point means they get zero points for that round. You can play as many rounds as you wish. It's a great way to revise!


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