History Revision: 2017
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IGCSE History Revision!

The IGCSE History exam consists of two papers:
Paper 1: Core Content - Students answer three question in the (a) Describe, (b) Explain, (c) Assess format in two hours.
Paper 2: Sourcework - Students answer six questions based around sources focusing on The Peace Treaties and their impact, 1918-23.

As well as the specific resources listed below, you could also try these two quizzes:

Revision quizzes covering the entire course:
Play Your Dates Right Quiz (tests chronological understanding)
Who Am I? Challenge (tests knowledge of key individuals)

Interactive Paper 1 questions:
Describe [4] [practice questions] | Explain [6] [practice questions] | Assess [10] [practice questions]

Paper 1 (structured questions, two hours)

In Paper 1, you are required to answer THREE questions in the (a) Describe, (b) Explain, (c) Assess format.
You have 40 minutes to answer each of these three questions (i.e. two hours in total).

Section A: Core Content (answer TWO questions from this section)

You will answer two questions from a range of topics in the 20th century.

What caused the First World War?

Were the peace treaties fair?*

How successful was the League in the 1920s? How successful was the League in the 1930s? Who was to blame for the Cold War?
*(note: as the Paper 2 focus, a question on the Peace Treaties in Paper 1 in Summer 2017 is unlikely)
  How effectively did the USA contain the spread of Communism? How secure was the USSR's control over Eastern Europe, 1948-c.1989? Why did events in the Gulf matter, c.1970-2000?  
  See also: Korean War | Suez Crisis | Cuban Missile Crisis | Vietnam War  

Section B: Germany Depth Study (answer ONE question from this section)

You will choose one question from a choice of two. It is likely that one question will focus on "The Weimar Republic and the Rise of Hitler" whilst the other will be on "The Nazi Regime".

  Weimar Germany   Nazi Germany  

versaillesPaper 2 (sourcework questions, 2 hours): The Peace Treaties and their impact, 1918-23

You will answer six compulsory sourcework questions.
When appropriate, you will use your background knowledge to evaluate and elaborate upon the sources.

The theme for Summer 2017 will be "The Peace Treaties and their impact, 1918-23". Full resources for this topic can be found here and specific revision resources here.

The following resources will help you revise and develop your sourcework skills ready for the exam.

Source Overlay Template
Sourcework Skills Overview
Interactive Cartoon Analysis Tool
Origin of Sources: Evaluation Worksheet
Purpose of Sources: Evaluation Worksheet
Nature of Sources: Evaluation Worksheet
Sourcework Question Markschemes
2 Key Cartoonists: Low and Partridge

sdOther revision ideas from Tarr's Toolbox:
"Leaderboard Challenge" for "Fling the Teacher"
Arcade Game Generator: Create several revision quizzes with one set of questions
"Tell us something we don't know!": A quiz to develop deeper understanding
Create a Revision Quiz in the format of a 'Pacman' Game!
Dice and Card Game Strategies for Revising Key Terms
Only Connect!
Share test questions in advance
Tic Tac Know
Spot the Mistakes
Guess Who / Guess What
Snooker and Battleships
Challenge Grid
Who / Where / What Am I?


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