Late Modern German History
Teacher Training Day
22nd March 2019


1. Germany in the era of Bismarck, c.1870-1890      
2. Germany under Wilhelm II, c.1888-1918
3. Germany in the era of the Weimar Republic, c.1918-1933
4. German Economic Development, c.1866-1980
5. The Nazi State, c. 1933-45
6. Germany 1945-c.1966
7. A2 Revision

Audio-Visual resources

War of the Century

Nazis, The - A Warning From History - Box Set

The Persecution Of The Jews In Europe Oskar Schindler And The Holocaust The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich
Anne Frank Remembered Inside The Third Reich The Enigma Of The Swastika
Fire Storm Over Dresden Germany Calling - 1939-1945  
Germany At War:
1. 1918 - 1941
2. 1941 - 1943
3. 1943 - 1945
Reni Liefenstahl:
1. Triumph of the Will [1935]
2. Hitler's Olympia - The Nazi Olympics 1936
Feature Films:
Schindler's List
Europa Europa
Hiroshima Mon Amour [1959]
Night And Fog [1955] Daily Life In The Warsaw Ghetto The SS - Blood And Soil
  Hitler's Henchmen   Propaganda - War Of The Mind
The Hitler Youth Hitler's Henchmen - The Leaders The Third Reich In Colour 
Hitler's Birthdays 1933 - 1945 Adolf Hitler - The Story Of A Dictator [1948] Buchenwald - The Lucky Ones

Simon Schama: A History of Britain Box Set World At War - Complete Series Box Set Great War, The - Collector's Box Set

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