Medieval Church: Board Games

This four-hour unit helps students to understand why religion was so important in the Middle Ages.

This leads neatly into a study of the Cathars and the Reformation.

a. Designing a board game about the Middle Ages
In this two-hour lesson, students study why the Church was so powerful in the Middle Ages. They conduct a card-sort exercise, have a game of charades, then work in pairs and groups to start design their boardgame (detailed advice is provided on the different types of boardgames that exist).

To complete their boardgame, students will also require the following three packs of cards:
Pack 1
Pack 2
Pack 3

The games can be peer-assessed: each group of students play someone else's game for 15 minutes each, then complete a marksheet. They then repeat the process for other games. The teacher can then average out the marks and amend any discrepancies.

Church boardgames at the International School of Toulouse


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