FREE Calendar for Educators, 2020-2021

Calendar for Educators

The following project developed from my "History in the News" facility which I also recommend you look at.

1. Here is a FREE printable calendar providing notable anniversaries (multiples of 50 years only) for research, discussion, assemblies and personal projects.

Ideas for student tasks:

2. ActiveHistory subscribers can also download a fully editable version of the calendar or a blank template calendar to customise as they see fit.

Ideas for additional student / whole-class tasks:

Search for your own choice of anniversaries!

Use the following tool to help you choose your own events for your own customised school calendar.

A great idea is to get different students and classes to focus on different months as a project at the start of the school year, then share the completed calendar afterwards. Alternatively, each month could be produced separately as it approaches and the events then used for classroom discussion points or the basis of displays and debates.

Simply choose a month and a year and receive a full list of key anniversaries for every day of that particular month.

Note: all anniversaries will be limited to multiples of 50 years (e.g. 100 years ago today, 150 years ago today, etc).


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