GCSE / IGCSE Modern World History
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This website provides worksheets, lesson plans, online games and revision quizzes for GCSE / IGCSE Modern World History such as the Cambridge course.

Active History offers award-winning methods of bringing world history alive in the school classroom. It is packed with online simulations, educational arcade games, virtual interviews, worksheets, lesson plans and revision quizzes. As the work of a full-time teacher, the site is practical and regularly updated.

GCSE / IGCSE Modern World History

01. World War One: Causes

02. World War One: Course

03. The Peace Treaties after World War One

04. The League of Nations in the 1920s

05. The Wall St. Crash and the Depression

06. The League of Nations in the 1930s

07. Appeasement Depth Study

08. Weimar Germany 1918-1933

09. Nazi Germany 1933-1945

10. German Involvement in the Spanish Civil War

11. The Cold War c.1945-55

12. The Cold War, c.1955-91

13. The Korean War 1950-53

14. Cuba and Vietnam, 1960-72

15. British Depth Study, 1906-1918

16. Crime and Punishment

17. Revision and Study Skills


GCSE History: SHP Crime and Punishment

1. Crime and Punishment: GCSE SHP Course


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