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1. Causes of the Spanish Civil War


Causes of the Spanish Civil War: Introduction and Overview Worksheet
This worksheet helps students understand the significance of the Spanish Civil War. It should be used in conjunction with this PowerPoint Presentation.

2. Causes of the Spanish Civil War: Interactive Newsfeed [interactive]
Students complete a series of notes "against the clock" using this interactive newsfeed activity which gives them a detailed account of the main events in Spanish History leading up to the outbreak of the Civil War in 1936. They then use their completed notes to complete this timeline worksheet, organising their ideas into those which promoted stability, and those which promoted instability. Finally, events are colour coded according to whether they are social, religious, military, regional or political in nature. Follow-up questions help students to reach some provisional conclusions.
2a. 20 Question Factual Test
Designed to test and consolidate knowledge from the previous two activities.
3. Spain in 1923: Mapwork Task (Recommended as a homework at any point so far in this unit)
Students are provided with essential information about the main locations relating to the economic, military, political, regional and social issues within Spain in the years immediately prior to the Spanish Civil War. This information is used to construct a labelled map or a Google Earth Tour designed to help students visually understand the issues.
4. Interactive Jigsaw Table Exercise: The Rule of Primo de Rivera [interactive]
Students have to read each key event, then decide whether it represents success or failure and in what particular policy area. The computer gives a score at the end, writes up the information in the correct order, and provides follow-up questions.
5. Fling the Teacher Challenge: The Rule of Primo de Rivera [interactive]
An interactive computer game to test factual knowledge. The first student to finish should be given 20 points; the second student 18; and so on. I build up a "Fling the Teacher Leaderboard" over the whole course to build up a bit of competition...!
6. The Spanish Second Republic
A worksheet in which students are given detailed information and then asked to analyse it in various ways.
7. Causes of Spanish Civil War: Conclusion
Students use this worksheet to summarise - and then crucially to connect - the various factors. They are then given advice on how to structure an essay.
8. Sourcework Exercise: The Causes of the Spanish Civil War
A selection of sources and questions designed to round off the unit.
9. KeyWord Challenge: The Causes of the Spanish Civil War [interactive]
For instructions on how to play this game, click here.
10. Keyword Checker: The Causes of the Spanish Civil War [interactive]
Students paste their essay into this interface and get a score based on how many keywords they have included. Excellent for ensuring topic coverage at first-draft phase.

Model Essay: Analyse the causes of the Spanish Civil War
A sample essay by RJ Tarr of

Interactive Essay Planning Tool: The Causes of the Spanish Civil War

Professor AJP Sailor takes 5 factors and connects them together in endless combinations to help students consider the Origins of Spanish Civil War and how to link factors in essays.

2. Course of the Spanish Civil War

1. Introduction: The Outcome of the Spanish Civil War was by no means a foregone conclusion
This worksheet will later be used as the basis for the introduction to the main essay "Why did Franco win the Spanish Civil War?"
2. Which Party Would You Have Supported During the Spanish Civil War? [interactive]
An interactive simulation. Rank the problems facing Spain which are the most urgent, then select which policies you think are the most appropriate response for each. At the end of the simulation you will then be told which party most closely matched your own preferences. Complete with a detailed worksheet to help students compare and contrast the various parties on the eve of the Civil War.
Tsarist Russia History Game
3. Interactive Newsfeed: The Events of the Spanish Civil War [interactive]
Students complete this worksheet using the interactive newsfeed activity, and then categorise the information thematically to begin analysing the causes for Franco's victory.
4. Propaganda in the Civil War
An in-depth investigation into the use of propaganda by the Nationalists and the Republicans during the civil war, focusing closely on a case-study of Picasso's Guernica through watching Simon Schama's excellent documentary (available here). There is also a wonderful 3D representation of the painting here. Following this lesson, students could analyse these primary source documents.
5. The International Dimension to the Spanish Civil War
This worksheet outlines why the Spanish Civil War was so important in an international sense. The roles of the major powers are outlined and compared and cartoons relating to the non-intervention committee are analysed.
6. Why did Germany get involved in the Spanish Civil War?
Students analyse a series of written sources - primary and secondary - to develop an understanding of why Germany got involved in the Spanish Civil War. By comparing, contrasting, organising points under key headings and summarising their findings, students will end this lesson with a sound grasp of Germany's motives. Sourcework questions invite students to consider the reliability of the sources and expand on each with elements of background knowledge: key skills for the IGCSE sourcework paper. Students could also use this interactive Diamond 9 diagram at
7. Interactive Cartoon Analysis: German involvement in the Spanish Civil War
Five cartoons, 10 questions: students provide their own answers using the writing framework provided, then they can compare their answers alongside model answers which I have written to help them revise. A great way to develop sourcework skills.

7. What did Germany contribute to the Spanish Civil War?
A decision-making exercise. Students are asked a series of questions about how they think Hitler should have organised his help to Franco's Nationalists. The teacher then tells the students what actually happened in each case so that the class can discuss the merits and drawbacks of each policy. Sourcework questions round the exercise off.

Why did Franco win the Spanish Civil War?
Students are provided with a list of essential points relating to the international consequences of the Spanish Civil War. These are analysed in terms of what Hitler's objectives were, and what the actual results were - thereby keeping a close focus on the subject of the sourcework paper for 2009 (Germany Involvement in the Spanish Civil War). The class is then asked to consider how crucial German involvement in the Spanish Civil War was in terms of Franco's victory. Sourcework questions round the worksheet off.

To what extent was Franco's victory in the Spanish Civil War due to the involvement of foreign powers? - Model essay by RJ Tarr

9. Keyword Checker: What was the legacy of the Spanish Civil War? [interactive]
Students paste their essay into this interface and get a score based on how many keywords they have included. Excellent for ensuring topic coverage at first-draft phase.

End of unit interactive quizzes [tips]
"Who Am I?" Challenge - Spanish Civil War
Each team will be presented with a clue about a key historical figure. They get 50 points if they guess it correctly. If they wish to 'pass', they get further (easier) clues but the points available steadily decline. An incorrect guess at any point means they get zero points for that round. You can play as many rounds as you wish. It's a great way to revise!



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