Sourcework Samples

The following exercises were designed for my students at the International School of Toulouse. The model answers are my own - if you have any suggestions or comments about these, please contact me!

Middle East Conflict

Sample Paper in the style of IB

Model Answers

(teachers only)
Why did Britain decide to pull out of the Palestinian mandate in 1947? -
Was it the Arab refusal to accept the UN Partition Plan that caused the 1948 War? Model Answers
Who was to blame for the outbreak of the 1948 War? Model Answers
Was the Palestinian refugee crisis the deliberate policy of the Jewish leadership? Model Answers
Does a study of the Palestinian struggle after 1948 prove that violence pays and diplomacy does not? Model Answers
To what extent do you agree with the view that Israel and the West bear the largest responsibility for the Suez Crisis in 1956? Model Answers
Assess the causes of the 1967 6-Day War Model Answers
"The Yom Kippur war was caused by the Israelis and ended with their utter defeat" - do you agree? Model Answers



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