Monarchy, Democracy, Power and the People (AQA/OCR)

Teacher Training Day
22nd March 2019

These materials can be used to support the following GCSE British History thematic study units:

Britain: Power and the people: c1170 to the present day (AQA)

Power: Monarchy and Democracy in Britain c.1000 to 2014 (OCR)

1066 and the Norman Conquest

The Murder of Becket

The Peasants' Revolt

The Wars of the Roses

The Princes in the Tower

The Reformation of Henry VIII, including the Pilgrimage of Grace

The Gunpowder Plot

The causes and consequences of the English Civil War

The causes of the French Revolution | The events of the French Revolution | The French Revolution and Napoleon

The Slave Trade | The Anti-Slavery movement

Crime and Punishment in the 19th Century

Social and Political Outcomes of the Whitechapel Murders

Government control in World War One

The Home Front in World War Two

The Liberal Government 1906-1916, including the struggle for Women's Rights

Winston Churchill: Hero or Villain?

Democracy and Referenda

Election Systems

Party Ideologies

Pressure Groups

The European Union

Thatcherism, Devolution and postwar economic development in Britain

Political Concepts (inc. Authority, Legitimacy, Human Rights, Citizenship)

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