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To help students with their revision, this is a quick summary of resources for some of the main topic areas that I cover at IB History Level at ActiveHistory.

During revision time I tend to start each lesson by introducing the main task, then directing students to a 'Fling the Teacher' quiz. Students have 10 minutes to complete the quiz. Any student finishing within that time gets points into their 'leaderboard' (which builds up throughout the revision period) based on the amount of time left on the clock. They can then proceed to the main task.

It's a work in progress so there are still a few gaps here, but it should still prove useful - here's a video of some of my students doing the 'Fling the Teacher Leaderboard Challenge' in Summer 2013 (Georgia, in the hotseat, was the overall winner at the end of the competition!):


Fling the Teacher Quiz

'Who Am I'? challenge

Keyword Challenge

Arcade Game

Main Topic Page (Worksheets, other interactivities)

Video Channel

Tsar Alexander II

45 questions   17 people 23 words 45 questions Tsar Alexander II at ActiveHistory Video Channel

Tsar Alexander III

30 questions   25 words 30 questions Tsar Alexander III at ActiveHistory  

Nicholas II / 1917

to 1905 (30 questions)

1906-1914 (30 questions)

8 people To 1914 - 40 words 44 questions

Tsar Nicholas II and the February Revolution

The Provisional Government and the October Revolution

Video Channel

Lenin's Russia

45 questions 2 people 30 words 54 questions Lenin's Rule at ActiveHistory Video Channel

Stalin Rule

105 questions 5 people 60 words

Economics: 60 questions

Purges: 40 questions

High Stalinism: 32 questions

Rule of Stalin at ActiveHistory

Video Channel

Mussolini Rule

45 questions   30 Words 45 Questions Rule of Mussolini at ActiveHistory Video Channel

SCW / Franco Rise


Causes (30 questions)

Events (60 questions)  

11 people Causes - 30 words

Events - 50 words

Events - 50 questions

Spanish Civil War at ActiveHistory

Video Channel

Chinese Civil War / Mao Rise

30 questions   40 words 30 questions

Chinese Civil War at ActiveHistory

Video Channel


45 questions   40 words 45 questions Pinochet at ActiveHistory Video Channel

Cold War

60 questions 4 people 40 words 71 questions

The Origins of the Cold War

Video Channel

Middle East Conflict

pre-1939 (30 questions)

1939-47 (30 questions)

1948-49 (30 questions)

1956 (30 questions)

1967 (30 questions)

1973-1978 (15 questions)

1939-1979 (135 questions)

To 1939 - 2 people 1939-79 - 10 people To 1939: - 50 words  



1956: Suez

1967: Six-Day War

1973-79: From Yom Kippur to Camp David

Video Channel

Origins of WW1

60 questions 8 people 30 words 55 questions Origins of World War One at ActiveHistory  

Weimar / Rise of Hitler

45 questions 16 people 40 words 55 questions Weimar Republic at ActiveHistory  


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